What Type of Timber Flooring Is Most Suitable for Your Home?

Timber Flooring

Wood flooring is as popular as ever before. In the past, wood flooring was the most common because it was the most obvious choice. But, as time went by new and synthetic forms of flooring were made and introduced and for many, wood flooring lost its pizzazz, and the carpeting and tiling and other options took over. But today there is a real trend in the home decorating sector to get back to basics. See my latest blog posted at http://www.athomeinkokomo.com/which-engineered-flooring-styles-are-best-for-contemporary-interiors/

Sometimes, natural really is better and this has many people wondering what type of timber flooring would serve them and their home the very best.

There are many different types of timber used for flooring. Each consumer will need to determine what they look like the best. For instance, oak flooring is always very popular as it has a look that is very rich and will make a great addition to any home. Yet there are other timber choices such as cedar, bamboo, Victorian ash, Northern red, Jarra, Ironwood and so many more. It’s a good idea for all consumers to consider all of their options because there are so many great looks to choose from.

Of course, it’s not just about the timber, but the way the timber flooring is installed in your home. First, there are floating floors. This would involve taking your oak floors and installing them over your existing floor no matter what it is made of including tiles, particle board, concrete, etc. In this type of timber flooring, one will also use an underlay to help reduce noise.

There are also structural timber floors. This would be the typical type of oak flooring or other timber flooring that many people envision when you say wood floors. This timber flooring is actually laid on the bearer and joists of the home. This is usually done only by a professional and can be a long process as the timber will need to acclimate to the environment before it can be laid. View additional tips right on this link.

Timber flooring is also available in many different styles that will make for relatively easy installation. There are tongue and groove floors, parquet flooring options, as well as direct stick. This will give you the option to lay the flooring in a pattern that will really fit your needs and your style the best. Tongue and groove floorings are preferred by many as the tongue and groove help to keep the flooring together, although they will then be nailed. Direct stick floors are popular, and this involves sticking the flooring right to the concrete slab of the home.

Timber Flooring

As you can see, there is a lot of different timber flooring options for you to choose from. While you might envision one type of wood flooring at the start, when you do a bit of shopping around and a little research you’ll find that there really is a flooring option for everyone and every home.

Don’t settle for a type of wood or a type of flooring that doesn’t fit with your style, your budget and your abilities to get it done for yourself, if that is what you would like. Timber flooring is making a comeback, so if this is something that appeals to you, you should definitely set out to find the right flooring for your home.