Floor Buffers and Polishers Review

Floor Buffers

If you are a building maintenance professional, one machine you depend on, is your floor buffers and polishers. Also, if you are a homeowner with hard wood floors then you will want to consider owning a buffing and polishing tool to keep you floors looking their best at all times. These powerful tools come in a wide variety of sizes and capabilities, and here we want to review and recommend some of the more useful models.

For a dependable and reliable machine for everyday use we can recommend the Parish Supply HD Floor Machines. These are the blue collar no frills type of polishers that will gave you years of reliable service day in and day out. They feature a solid high torque one and one half horse power motor that is dependable, and mounted on an epoxy coated cast aluminum frame for convenience.

These machines provide scrubbing, polishing, and buffing capabilities to meet general building maintenance needs. This tool comes in models that have either a seventeen inch head, or twenty inch.

Other standard features include a warp around bumper guard, fifty feet of yellow power cord, a pad driver, an extra duty handle lock, five inch wheels for transporting, and two different switch levers. This machine is reasonably priced in the mid five hundreds range, and is a good value for the money.

If you are looking for a machine just for light duty for home use then you should consider the Koblenz P 1800 twin brush machine. It includes a powerful four amp motor to power the rotating brushes, plus all the standard accessories you will need to take care of your hard wood floor or tile. This buffer and polisher do not come with its own waxing dispenser, but you can add on to it some dry powder shampoo attachments.

The sturdy frame features a T-handle bar grip along with a die cast metal frame and cowling. What is also beneficial is the two point board pivot which makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and corners. It comes with a one year standard manufacturer’s warranty and these accessories: power scrub brushes, green scrub brushes, tan polishing pads, and lamb’s wool bugging pads. This unit is lightweight and easy to use, and is moderately priced at around one hundred dollars.Read reviews at http://www.bodyshopbusiness.com/rupes-launches-next-generation-bigfoot-polishers/

For a high-performance professional machine we can recommend the Trusted Clean 20 Inch High Speed Burnisher. The first thing you notice about his machine is that it is made to last a very long time. It is manufactured with stainless steel housing, and a chrome plated frame. It will stand up to years of heavy use and still work the way it did the first day you got it.

Floor Buffers

This machine is designed to have a low sound operating level, which means you can clean floors while your business or shop is still open. This fabulous tool comes with a powerful one and one half horsepower motor that draws fifteen amps of current, and is perfect for standard electrical outlets. The twenty inch drive along with the seventy five foot power cord will allow you to cover large areas without resetting up the machine.

The power train is well made and comes with a three year warranty. The rotating heads have a speed of fifteen hundred rpms, which is perfect most almost any brushing and buffing job. For less than one thousand dollars you can have a well made and long lasting professional machine that will give you years of outstanding service.